Glass Necklaces

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I string all of my necklaces on 15 pound test nylon coated stainless steel 7-strand wire. All come with matching earrings, included in the price. Postage is $2.50 per item, for multiple items each additional item is $1.00.
For properties of the different colours of glass, click here.

Cute Tibetan Silver Bali turtle pendant, necklace has delicate green glass beads and Tibetan silver turtles.
Black silver foil glass pendant, necklace has black facetted & Aurora borealis beads, & Tibetan Silver barrel spacers.
Luscious caramel & brown swirled glass pendant, necklace has glass beads in shades of amber, brown & gold with Tibetan Silver spacers.
Brass spider on a pentagram is the pendant on this necklace of purple & black glass beads with brass spiral spacers.
Beautiful teal glass beads with dangling chains make this a real cutie!
Colourful matt glass 8mm round Czech glass druk beads and a double chain bottom make this cute little number a winner.
Multicoloured oval glass cane beads with cute Tibetan Silver 'bowtie' spacers.
Cane glass beads in shades of purple, with Tibetan Silver Celtic knot spacers.
Double chains connect Tibetan Silver spacers and ceramic beads.
Facetted amber glass beads add a touch of sparkle to this necklace.
This chain necklace with facetted black oval beads will go with everything.
Double chain necklace with black facetted beads and orange chevron beads...good for the fall wardrobe.
Black Aurora Borealis beads and blue chevron beads in this airy necklace with Tibetan silver spacers.
Got the blues? How about this necklace with blue flower beads and blue coin beads.
Small stainless steel domino pendant with dark green glass beads & opaque white spacers.
This lovely light blue glass heart pendant with swirls of black & gold with a small rose coloured flower will capture your heart.
Deep purple foil glass pendant on a necklace of light & dark purple glass beads. Purple haze!
Stylized antiqed brass dragon pendant on a necklace of black & smoky glass beads.Hot! Dragon measures 1 5/8 x 1".
Antiqued brass Tree of Life pendant. Necklace has antiqued brass spirals. Pendant has diameter of 1 1/2".
Heavenly! Murano style Angel pendant, necklace has purple glass & Tibetan silver.
There's a rainbow swirl in this pendant that shimmers as you shift your viewpoint. Necklace has black glass & Tibetan Silver. Pendant is 2 3/8 x 1 1/2".
Light blue foil glass cross pendant, necklace has shades of light blue, clear & frosted glass beads and brass accents. Cross measures 2 1/4 x 1 7/8".
Swirly! Pendant is swirled green, blue, & gold glass, necklace has complimentary colours in glass beads & Tibetan Silver spacers. Pendant is 1 3/4 x 1".
Beige silver foil glass leaf shaped pendant, necklace in accenting colours of glass beads & Tibetan silver spacers.Pendant measures 1 1/2 x 1".
Nice black, gold & off-white swirled leaf pendant, necklace has amber, black, gold & chevron beads, plus brass oval spacers.Pendant measures 1 7/8 x 1 1/8".
Short chain necklace with glass beads and figure 8 spacers. Lobster claw clasp.
It's nothing fishy! Just a Murano style fish pendant with gold, blue, purple & green swirl. necklace has complimentary glass beads & Tibetan Silver fishes. Fish pendant measures 2 x 1 1/2".
Nice Tibetan Silver Turtle pendant! Necklace in blacks & silvers will go with anything. Turtle measures 1 1/2 x 7/8".
Silver foil glass pendant in a lovely shade of blue, chevron glass beads accented with Tibetan Silver spirals and round opaque glass coin beads. Pendant is 1 1/8".
Raku triple spiral Celtic pendant, with a double strand glass bead necklace. Pendant is 1" wide.
Multi-coloured glass chevron & cats eye beads lend a festive carnival air to this Tibetan Silver elephant pendant. Elephant measures 3/4" across.
Think spring or summer with this Tibetan Silver dragonfly with glass beads in shades of greens and purples with a pop of chevron beads and Tibetan Silver accents.
Dragonfly has a wingspan of 1 3/8".
Delicate double strand glass bead necklace in greens and gold to match the rectangular silver foil glass green and gold pendant. Pendant measures 3/4 x 1 3/8".
Double strand red necklace with Tibetan silver Celtic knot pendant and accent beads. Pendant measures 15/16" across the bottom.

Delicate Tibetan Silver tree of life pendant, necklace has chevron & bicone glass beads, Pendant measures 3/4".
Lovely swirled sky blue beads with a touch of cranberry, mixed with cranberry accent beads and Tibetan Silver pinwheel design beads.
Get the golden touch! Small Tibetan Silver Celtic knot pendant, necklace has glass beads set off by diamond shaped Tibetan Silver Celtic knot  beads. Pendant is 3/4".
Bring on the bling with this cute Tibetan Silver owl set with multicolour glass rhinestones, set off by a black & aurora borealis glass bead necklace with Tibetan Silver accents. Owl is 1" wide x 1 7/8".
Purple passion! Silver foil glass pendant is a frosty purple colour, frosted & faceted purple & black glass beads with Tibetan Silver spirals make up the necklace. Pendant measures 1 1/8".
What's red & black & bling all over? This cute number in reds and blacks, that's what. Square foil glass pendant measures 3/4".
Antiqued brass "steampunk" style heart pendant. Glass chevron beads in a festive red white and blue.
Breezy short chain necklace is then perfect complement to that spring or summer outfit...Lobster claw clasp and matching earrings.
Cute antiqued brass owl pendant with clock motif in its tummy. Necklace has subtle pinks and antiqued brass accents.
Steampunk style clockface pendant in antiqued brass. Necklace has glass chevron beads and antiqued brass spacer beads.
Nice deep green flower beads accented by multicoloured chevron beads and Tibet Silver 'bowtie' spacers.
Lucky Tibetan Silver Elephant pendant on a necklace of chain, Tibetan Silver spacers, and purple chevron beads.
Lovely glass bead necklace in shades of aqua and teal, with drop beads along the bottom. A nice spring/summer selection.
Peace, man! Tibetan Silver peace sign pendant, necklace has shades of red glass.
Interesting white ceramic pendant with shades of blue and red, Necklace has red, white and blue beads with Tibetan silver accents.
Shades of red with just a hint of blue, and a luscious red pendant.
Celtic themed Tibetan silver pendant, necklace has blue and clear glass beads.
Amber and green glass and ceramic beads set off this mottled green/brown ceramic disk pendant.
Tibetan Silver Celtic knot pendant, necklace has green beads with tibetan Silver Celtic knot accent beads.
Silver foil glass Peace sign pendant, necklace has glass beads and dyed turquoise peace sign beads. Bring out your inner hippie!
A swirl of gold, white and black make a dramatic pendant, set off by a necklace of black, amber, and white glass beads.
Cute multicolour silver foil glass
turtle, with green and blue glass beads and Tibetan Silver accents.
Silver plated dragonfly anchors this blue glass necklace with a large heart lobster claw clasp. Comes with matching earrings.
Butterscotch swirled glass pendant looks good enough to eat! Fancy glass beads and Tibetan Silver accents complete this stunner. Matching earrings included.



Many consider glass to have no metaphysical properties, but others realize that glass has

energy like all else in the Universe. Glass is a melding of the traditional four elements;

through fire & air the silica earth element is made molten & changed into a liquid only to return to its state as a solid. It can be made to focus light

or allow light to pass through invisibly or carry lightwaves great distances through tiny strands.

Glass represents & carries the energies of transformation, merging of elements, rebirth, focus & communication.

The colours of the glass bring the vibrations of those specific colour energies.

Red is associated with fire & has the properties of stimulation, energy, & assertiveness.

Orange is associated with the warmth of the fire & has the properties of  warmth, optimism, & creativity.

Yellow is the colour of “Airborn sparks of the fire” & has the properties of joy, success, & mental clarity.

Green is the colour of Harmony of Nature & has the properties of nature, harmony, & the heart.

Blue is called “The singing voice of truth” & has the properties of communication, truth, & loyalty.

Purple is the colour of Inner sight & has the properties of mystery, the psychic, & the spiritual.

Black is the colour of “The Root of Being”  & has the properties of grounding, protection, & survival.

White is the colour of The White light of Spirit & has the properties of balance, light, & divinity.

Grey is the colour of Neutrality & has the properties of neutrality, & self-Control.

Pink is the colour of nurturing kindness & has the properties of nurturing, kindness, & love.

Brown is the colour of The Solidity of the Earth & has the properties of stability, & practicality.

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